Coworking Pricing

Coworking Spaces for startups is in trend nowadays. Coworking prices vary from city to city and area to area. Coworking spaces provides various amenities, so depending upon amenities the coworking spaces charge rent.

When considering costs think about basic amenities like printers, scanners/copiers, work desks, high-speed internet, meeting rooms and mailing addresses to accept your packages.

Coworking spaces have monthly,yearly and some have daily packages as well which can be selected according to convenience.

Shared office spaces can also be used as remote office station and one can also work from nearby coworking station.

Depending on the amenities provided by coworking space provider they charge you. One can also select the amenities that he/she wants and just pay for that accordingly.

365Sharedspace situated in HSR Layout Bengaluru has 6 different plans which a entreprenuers can choose for their startup.

Following is the pricing details of 365SharedSpace in Bengaluru:

1. Starter-Plan – Rs.425/day
2. Regular Plan – Rs.2000 /weekend
3. Plus Plan – Rs.2400 /12 days a month
4. Enterprise Plan – Rs.4500 /Month
5. Occasional Plan – Rs.493/day
6. Ocassional Plan 2 – Rs.1233/day

Check more details about pricing at

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