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Shared office space or rented apartment what should a startup choose ?

coworking space in indiranagar

Working in a coworking space is absolutely amazing in terms of networking ,events and of course work life balance. Being a startup you need to be more conscious about choosing the office space, because the location plays a vital role in constant development.

Just for company registration ? Don’t get space. It is necessary for a growing startup to calculate expenses to be spent on office space. Based on your business expansion and recruitment planning find space that you can accommodate.

Understanding the advantages shared office spaces are relevant for startups since shared office spaces are available on cheap rent, has good Wifi connection, Canteen facility, library, electricity backup, etc. Shared office space is more suitable for small startups to grow and inter connect with other companies.

Shared office space has great environment where an individual can work, have fun and this surrounding helps employees to get motivated.

Setting up the base in rental apartment for a startup can be problematic. Since working in rental apartment may grow various issues for residential society members. It’s difficult to meet clients in rental apartments, even a startup can’t be sure about registering address of a company on rental apartment address.

Start ups are in need of recognition & credibility from customers, vendors and investors the most than any other established companies. A professional yet affordable office space is must for every budding to booming startup.

So for startups it is necessary to be in professional environment and hence shared office space is best suitable option for growing startups.


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